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-Extrait de Parfum

-Handcrafted in the USA

-2 fl. oz. / 60 mL

-Men’s fragrance

Introducing Jedi – a captivating cologne that captures the essence of the sun-kissed Amalfi coast in a bottle. This fragrance exudes luxury and sophistication.

Imagine yourself strolling along the picturesque cliffs of the Amalfi coast, with the warm Mediterranean breeze gently caressing your skin. The scent of ripe mandarin oranges fills the air, intertwined with the delicate floral notes of orange blossom and neroli. As you continue your journey, hints of mint and thyme awaken your senses, adding a fresh and herbal complexity to the fragrance.

Jedi is a timeless blend of citrus and herbs, perfectly balanced to evoke the beauty and elegance of one of Italy's most enchanting destinations. Whether you're attending a lavish soirée or simply enjoying a leisurely day by the sea, this cologne is sure to leave a lasting impression, drawing others in with its irresistible charm and allure. Embark on a sensory journey to the Amalfi coast with Jedi – where every spritz is a celebration of la dolce vita.

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